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questions about your new pool!

general information about your pool.

Thanks for choosing Burdge O'Donnell Pools as your pool leader in the Crossroads area. Congratulations on your new pool! Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure the life and quality of your investments.


  • Brush the pool twice a week, including the tile line so calcium does not build up.
  • Use test strips to check your pools chemical levels and make sure they are in a safe range.
  • Turn off your system and check to make sure your chlorinator has tablets.

    • During the summer, due to the heat, it is a good idea to check your chlorinator twice to three times a week to ensure your chlorine levels are maintained at a consistent level.

  • Check strainer baskets and empty as needed.
  • Visually check Polaris and strainer bag to ensure that it is working properly and debris bag is not full. This can cause the Polaris to lie on its side and will not properly clean your pool.
  • Maintain proper water level. This should be in the middle of the water line tile.


  • Come in to the store and bring us a water sample. We are able to give you a more accurate water reading. Our store employees will give you advice on how to keep your water level at a healthy reading.
  • Add a metal out and algaecide

    • Every Pool is different so depending on your pool, it may take more to maintain a clear pool. Please refer to instructions on bottle for proper dosage.

  • Turn off system completely and wipe your chlorinator lid dry. Use a light silicone based lubricant for all of your o-rings. This helps to lengthen the life of the o-ring.


  • Shock your pool twice a month, but during summer season it might require more to maintain the correct chemical levels.

things to note:

  • Maintain chlorine reading of 1-3 ppm.
  • Ideal PH reading is 7.2-7.6

    • If the PH is high add muriatic acid.
    • If the PH is low add soda ash.

  • If one light is out it is probably that individual bulb or unit. If it is all of the lights check the GFCI outlet to make sure it is not tripped.
  • Check the pressure on your filter tank periodically.

    • As the general rule clean filters at the beginning and end of swim season.
    • If the pressure is 10 psi or higher than what the pressure is at a normal clean pressure, it is time to clean your filter.

  • Example: if your normal clean pressure reading is 12 PSI then you would clean your filter at 21-22 PSI.
  • Cartridge filters need to be taken apart and cleaned.
  • Sand and D.E. filters need to be backwashed.