Getting ready for a remodel?

  •   Can I change the depth in my pool?

    Yes, the depth of your pool can be changed. There are pool owners who want to raise their deep end to match the shallow end and there are owners that want the shallow end made deeper. Either one is possible but must be done in conjunction with a new liner or pool finish.

  •   Can I change the shape of my pool?

    Yes, you can change the shape of your pool. In most cases, however, the more drastic the change in shape, the more it will cost. Most people choose to add new updated pool options such as new steps instead of a drastic change in the shape.

  •   Can my pump and filter be moved to a different location?

    Absolutely, in fact the best time to move a pump and filter system into a different location is when a renovation is being done. A good recommendation is putting the pump and filter in a location where it won?t be seen or heard but is easily accessible. This is often on the side of the house or behind a shed.

  •   How can I enhance the appearance of my pool area at night?

    Creative landscape lighting is another feature to highlight and accent your outdoor experience in the evening. Many homeowners like to ease the tensions of the day by relaxing outdoors after the evening meal. A creatively designed lighting system will dramatically accent landscaping and artistic features of your swimming pool area. Dramatic effects can be achieved that are visible from indoors as well as out. You can create a climate that extends your living area rather than separating it. Lighting options are more flexible than ever. Adjusting the ambiance to suit your mood; from entertaining to romance gives you greater flexibility of feel.

  •   When is the best time to start a remodeling project?

    The remodeling job requires timing, like what time-of-year is best to book a project of this magnitude? Spring and summer are usually the periods when we think about swimming. Everyone wants their pool ready for summer in spring. That?s a good example of bad timing. Think autumn or winter. The big advantage being is that you?re not using it from after Labor Day to before Saint Paddy?s Day, unless you live in tropical climes. The pool renovation biz has ?busy seasons? and ?not-so-busy seasons.?

  •   How do you know if you are picking a contractor with the right credentials?

    Any job done using outside help will require a little research. You want someone competent and professional. Here?s a rundown of what you want your pool contractor to demonstrate before signing any contract: ? Make a list of 3-or-4 potential contractors ? Head over to the Better Business Bureau website and see if anyone has cited them for shoddy work ? Get a list of referrals and how long ago the work was done ? Carefully read the contract. Don?t be afraid to say, "Can I look at this overnight?" ? Find out if they have a warranty for their work and what it covers

  •   What kind of preparation goes into a remodel?

    Things are about to get a little messy. There will be lots of dust, noise and associated chatter. You?re going to want to ask the contractor what you will need to do before the work begins. Here?s an additionally practical reason to look at a fall-or-winter remodeling: You will need to keep your windows shut during this remodel.

  •   How long does a swimming pool remodel take from start to finish?

    The length of time to complete your pool remodel project really depends on the scope of work being performed. If you desire to replace coping, tile, and plaster, you can typically expect your swimming pool and hot tub remodel to be complete within two weeks or less. However, if your vision includes remodeling your pool and your entire backyard with new concrete decking, plumbing, and equipment, then the job could take several weeks to complete.

  •   I am considering a pool finish as well as deck and coping remodel. How long will this take?

    The length of time a pool will be under construction for renovation is directly related to the extent of the work we are performing. Pools that are being refinished with plaster or National Pool Tile's variety of pool finishes can be operational in ten days or less. Pools that require tile and coping or are being extensively remodeled require additional construction time.

  •   What features can I add to my pool area?

    Whatever you can imagine can be added to your pool area including custom finishes, tile, decking, coping, lighting, water features, and specialty features such as rock waterfalls, vanishing edges, raised spas with spillways, swim-up bars and underwater bar stools.

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